The Link has three community rooms available for rentals. Each room holds 50 to 60 people. The rooms are divided by air walls which can open to accommodate up to 200 people.


Contact Rentals staff to confirm rental availability and ensure that we can meet all your needs for your event. Once staff know the details of your event, you will need to come by The Link during normal business hours to make a deposit and officially be added to our calendar.


All rentals $200 and over require a deposit. All deposits must be paid with cash or check. Rentals totaling less than $200 will be due in full at the time of booking to be confirmed. All deposits are fully refundable if the rented area is left in good condition, policies are adhered to and there are no time overages. Deposits can be made out to The City of Richland Hills.

Gym Rentals

The Link gymnasium has painted lines for pickleball, volleyball and middle school basketball. Food and drinks are not allowed on the gym floor, so we recommend adding a community room or the game area to serve your guests. Gym rentals are available during normal business hours. Should the gym be rented for any activity other than a sporting activity, the rental fee will be the same as three Community Rooms. 

For more information about renting the Gym, please contact Rentals.

Party Packages

The Link offers several party packages, including Archery Tag and Nerf Parties. For more information, please see the Parties page. All party packages come with designated party space and have the option to include party add-ons such as additional room space, pizza or cake.

Rates & Fees

  1. Hourly Room Rates
  2. Deposits
  3. Amenities
RoomMonday-Thursday Rate (per hour)Friday-Sunday Rate and after 9 pm Monday - Thursday (per hour)
1 Community Room$50$65
2 Community Rooms$90$120
3 Community Rooms$125$175
Group Exercise$30$30
Bird's NestN/A$110
Party Room$35$50
Gymnasium (half)$30$40
Gymnasium (full) Sports Activity$50$65
Gymnasium (full) Non-Sports Activity$125$175
Add-on Lobby Dining Area$15$20

Setup & Breakdown

Setup and cleanup are the responsibility of the renter, though both can be done by Link staff for additional fees. 

Decorations are permitted along countertops and table space only if they are freestanding.

Renters will be provided cleaning supplies to clean at the end of the rental period.