Rental Information
General Rental Information
The Link will offer many different environments and spaces to host your group, meeting, event or casual get together.  The following areas can be rented:
  • Community rooms - from 30 to 220 people
  • Group Ex Room - dance practice, exercise, meetings
  • Bird's Nest - children's parties or baby showers
  • Gymnasium - team practices or large events

Contact staff at (817) 616-3738 or by email to confirm rental availability and to ensure that we can answer all of your needs for your event.  Once Link staff knows the details of your event, you will need to come by The Link during normal hours to make a deposit and officially get on our calendar.
Below is the fee schedule for the different rooms at the Link.  Rentals in the Community Rooms will require a deposit to reserve your rental date and time. Other rentals might also require a deposit. All deposits must be paid for by cash or check.  If there is no deposit required, the rental will need to be paid in full to be scheduled on our calendar.  For all rentals, set-up and clean up is the responsibility of the renter.  We will supply the tables, chairs, and cleaning supplies.  Decorations are allowed on the tables and counters only.
Rental Fee Schedule
½ Court                                                             $30/hr
Full Court                                                          $50/hr
Rooms at The Link
Bird's Nest                                                        $50/hr
Game Area                                                        $10/hr
Group Ex/Dance                                              $30/hr
Community Rooms
1 Room                                                              $50
2 Rooms                                                            $90
3 Rooms                                                            $125

Round or rectangle tables, chairs, and a TV are included in each room.
A la Carte
Kitchen                                                              One time fee of $50
Projector                                                           One time fee of $50
Podium                                                              One time fee of $35
AV Cart (DVD/Blu-ray)                                     One time fee of $50
Table Linens                                                                $12 per linen
After-hour rentals would include a $15/hour fee to recoup for staffing.  After-hour rentals would need to be at least a $250 rental.
Non-profits may receive a discount of 20% off of rental fees (not on deposit , equipment or staffing fees).
Renter is responsible for cleaning, setting and storing furniture.

Community Rooms                         Up to $250 refundable deposit
Bird's Nest                                        $50 refundable deposit
Group Exercise Room                    $50 refundable deposit

Deposits will be refunded minus the cost of damages or extended time fees.  Extended time will be billed at 2x the normal rate rounding to 15 min increments.  One deposit is required for multiple rooms or multiple days on the same Permit.

Permits are only offered once the rental policy has been signed and the deposit has been paid. 

Rental Policies
Click here to view the City's Rental Policy